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Sunday, July 24, 2005 

The Right is growing under the shower of Criticism from the Left

The real Problem with our country right now is that the Right is the only one giving us tangible ideas about where they want to take the country. There was a time when both sides offered something to the people, and the marketplace of ideas was alive and well.

Today sadly though, the Left has deserted the majority of “Average America”. They rant on about global warming, Civil Liberties (i.e., taking “Under God” from the pledge), and constant black helicopter theories about what the “Evil” Bush administration is doing now.

I would much rather see something of value come out of their mouth. How about VIABLE alternatives to such pressing issues as:

Social Security Reform (not tax increases like most of the left likes)

Welfare Reform (it’s a “Commie Share-Fest” now, get the dependency out of the system)

Border Security (Even Bush can’t seem to grasp this is important)

Long Term National Security against China (Everyone forgets our Socialist Brothers)

War on Terrorism (Dems don’t like Iraq, ok, what else can we do? Give me something else to think about as a potential solution)

Instead, all we get is rants, raves, propaganda, and flat out lies to try and tear down their competition.

Call me crazy, but I want to save the planet, and keep my job. I want to fight terrorism, AND fight Hunger. I want to Stop China now, And keep our markets open.

But no one gives me an alternative to what is coming out of the RNC now. Then ask why the Right is currently taking the country away from the Democrats…