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Sunday, July 24, 2005 

China, THE snake in the grass

As we Americans fight over Rove or Sandy Berger, Iraq right or wrong, and Social Security, needed change, or smoke screen campaign, China is sneaking up on us.

Max Boot for the LA Times has an excellent article that is a must read on “China’s Stealth War”.

As they are becoming a major world power, their military has the headlines right now. What isn’t getting the needed attention is the other facets of Chinese encroachment on our National security.

Right now, the Politburo for the PRC is rolling over laughing at the political warfare that is destroying the solidarity of our country. They are rubbing their hands together in anticipation as we extend our selves ever further, and stretch our already strained relations in the world over a foe, that given enough time, will kill itself off anyway (Islam).

If you doubt that China is gunning for us, look at the recent headlines about their economic grabs at the US economy, and how their military forces are developing direct counter-US forces. They have slowly crept into our bedroom, and now the Right and the Left leadership of our country is in bed, sleeping with the enemy.

If we demand it, our soulless media, and then the politicians will actually turn their attention towards this problem, instead of ignoring it until it is too late.