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Sunday, July 24, 2005 

The Left's Spin on the Right's scandels... Reality is so hard to find

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party have both become too caught up in the Washington Power Struggle. This occurs to me as Senators and administration officials trade political barbs back and forth over inconsequential things.

The current spin machine out there is Democrat’s call for Karl Rove to step down.
Here is my two cents on this whole thing. Rove was simply confirming information brought up to him by the press. I think their goal wasn’t to try and intimidate Wilson, or get revenge. I think it was an effort to try and get it out there that Joe Wilson went on a trip to Niger, on his wife’s suggestion, and then came back with no conclusive evidence. Joe Wilson did however wait until the ’04 Presidential campaign started to suddenly become “outraged” at the claims made earlier, much earlier during the State of the Union Address.

At the same time, I believe that President Bush had no clue about what was going on. I put forth that the people involved (which in my mind include Dick Cheney) kept him purposely out of the loop for “Plausible Deniability”.

I think that Rove committed no “crime” as a lawyer would see it. However, Rove, along with other countless politicians in Washington but better judgment, national security, and National Image aside to reach a narrow political goal.

As far as asking him to step down, or Bush to “fire” him… Won’t happen. Bill Clinton didn’t step down, Nixon didn’t step down (until it was certain that he was about to be criminally prosecuted), an neither have countless other political weasels.

As the left suddenly finds it “morality” and tries to scream treason at Rove, they would be wise to remember their own faults (i.e., Berger, Lewinsky, Whitewater…). This administration has been shockingly absent of any internal scandals until now. The left needs to quit acting like this is the worst thing since the Japanese internment camps in WWII, and the Right needs to quit trying to circle the wagons around a screw up.