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Tuesday, July 26, 2005 

Reining in the Mule, Hillary takes the lead

Sen. Clinton is in the news again; as I’m sure Republican soap boxers will cry foul media bias over. She was speaking at the Leadership Council with other hopeful’s for the Dem nod in ’08. (AP Mike Glover)

But wait a minute. She may be on to something here. There has been a depressingly long drought of new ideas, innovation, and leadership from the Democratic Party. Far leftist that have hijacked their party has disastrously led them astray. The majority of Democrats do not agree with the extremely liberal agenda put forth by some of the lobbyist groups that currently hold the Donkey’s ear.

She is asking the Democratic Party to “adopt a hard line on national security and back an increase in troop strength…”. While this isn’t a completely foreign idea for the left, it certainly emphasizes the need for a new vision. The anti-war groups that have become an irremovable stain on the Democratic Party’s shirt are too closely associated with the anti-military crowd from Vietnam.

In a time when most of America supports our troops, feel they are doing us all a noble sacrifice, this stance is pushing mainstream voters away from the Left. Sen. Evan Bayh (who seems to be giving early support for Hillary’s nomination) made mention of how important the Midwest is.

This could mean that the Democratic Party will embrace religion, not as an accessory to one’s life, but as a major factor. This change would mean that the Dems would need to create more separation between themselves and the anti-religion crowd (and possibly the ACLU with it).

Republicans are already doing limited campaigning against Hillary, and they should be. If she can drag the Democratic Party (kicking and screaming) back towards the center, she may well play a major hand in saving it. Make no mistake, if she can appeal to moderates (by coming back to center), she will get the nomination, and most probably become the first woman President of the United States.