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Monday, July 25, 2005 

Bizarre Media Bias… where are plain facts anymore?

So I check two websites today for some news.

Fox News has this headline:

LONDON — London police have three suspects in custody after last week's failed terrorist strikes but say they are looking for many more because investigators now believe a wide network of Al Qaeda-linked operatives staged the attacks. (Fox News)

CNN has this headline:

LONDON, England (CNN) -- The family of a Brazilian man shot dead by armed police officers at a London subway station say they are considering legal action. (CNN)

Why post this? Well here is the problem. We have a behind the scenes political war going on in our media outlets. Two sides are fighting to put their spin on current events. Problem is, these are the news outlets that we use to get the FACTS!
I feel confident enough to make up my own decision, I don’t need CNN telling me the most important thing is that the Cops killed an innocent man (nevermind that the current climate lead up to this, and they should be vindicated of any wrong-doing). I also don’t need Fox News telling me that the most important thing is that the attacks were linked to Al Qaeda (Well Duh! And never mind that the cops shot someone… Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda!)
Give me facts, no spin, no politics. When our journalists take sides, we all lose.