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Thursday, July 28, 2005 

Chicago mayor has bounty on his head... From the GOP?

GOP group offers $10K for information leading to conviction (CNN)

While Richard Daley’s administration has been wrought with scandal after scandal, and two of his city hall officials are being charged with illegally offering jobs to politically connected supporters, is this really about “Justice”?

The GOP has long claimed foul politics by the Democratic Party. The “Race Card”, scaring retirees, and dooms-day environmental predictions have been the push button issues used by Democrat’s in most elections.

But today, the GOP has sunk the level they claim to deplore. When a political organization puts out “hit money” to try and get an adversary criminally prosecuted, we have opened a new chapter in dirty politics.

To claim the Democrats are playing foul, you must first set the example. This is a poor decision, and a poor example of what the Right claims politics should be.