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Wednesday, July 27, 2005 

Sen. Harry Reid, the Champion of Senate Priorities!

Senate pushes NRA bill to the top (Reuters)

Sen. Harry Reid: “But for heaven's sakes, what is more important to this country (than) taking care of our troops, our veterans, their dependents” as he was talking about Republicans moving the "NRA" bill above the Defense bill for immediate debate/vote.

Answere is… Nothing! but the early vote to see if there was enough support to keep out a filibuster was 66-32, not sure, but I think that means some Democrats had to be on board.

Another question. At what point did Sen. Reid suddenly become concerned with pushing legislation through the Senate? He and some close associates have kept the Senate at a standstill over legislation, judicial nominees, and UN candidates because they didn’t like them, and couldn’t stop it. Suddenly Reid worries about priorities?