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Friday, July 29, 2005 

"Left" hooks aimed at Roberts

Judge John Roberts under fire after “unprecedented release” of documents of his time in the Solicitor’s General office were inspected by the Judiciary committee. Senators obviously released key information of these documents they found potentially damaging to liberal activist groups like People for the American Way.

They have begun a public campaign to influence public opinion that Judge Roberts is too conservative, and would roll back many of the “civil rights” victories that they left has enjoyed recently.

Although I understand their apprehension, I do not understand what they base their right on to determine the political agenda of a Supreme Court Justice. When Ruth Bater Ginsberg was nominated, it was well known that many of her personal views were considered very liberal. It was well known that she was former head of the ACLU. Yet she was confirmed by a vote of 93-3.

A Judge does not have to pass a fitness test of political views to be confirmed. A Judge must only be found competent, experienced, and trustworthy that they would dutifully hold up the constitution above all else.

This is what is in the Constitution, this is the tradition of the US Government for more than 230 years. The Judicial nominees of a President are not open to popular vote by the people; they are not dually elected officials. They are APPOINTED by the President. The confirmation hearing is not to see if one party or the other “LIKES” they candidate, it is to make sure the candidate will be a competent judge.