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Friday, July 29, 2005 

Medical Bill passes house, but Dem Lawyers will fight it in the Senate.

House Passes Bill Limiting Malpractice Damages
-Yvonne Lee - All Headline News Staff Reporter

“Approved by a vote of 230-194, the measure would cap awards for pain and suffering and, in many cases, punitive damages at $250,000. However, no limits would be placed on damages that provide reimbursement for expenses such as medical bills and lost wages.”

But of course, in the Senate, it is expected that a serious fight from Democrats, who are being supported by attorneys and some consumer advocacy groups, will endanger the bill of passing.

This was a Presidential election issue. Unless you want socialized health care, tort reform must happen. The lawyers that are fighting passage of the bill (including John Edwards) have made millions off of the current system, and would stand to loose a major source of income. Don’t be fooled that they are looking out for your best interests.

Socialized health-care would mean that the inequities of rich and poor would become even more dramatic. As the best doctors, and best medical staff's would gravitate towards private practice, and thus on the rich would be able to afford them.