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Monday, August 01, 2005 

Dodd to Bush: Don't appoint Bolton. Earth To Dodd: Dont be a moron

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Christopher Dodd urged President Bush on Sunday to reconsider appointing John Bolton as the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations without Senate confirmation.

  • I personally think Bush should do a recess appointment, and here is why:
  • Just as judicial nominees are not "elected", the UN ambassador is not a choice of the people. It is a choice, and privilege of the President.
  • The purpose of the confirmation vote is to ensure that the President is not trying to give the job to an unsuitable candidate. However, the Senate has not been able to get to a vote. The minority party has blocked all efforts to get a vote, because they know they will lose.
  • The problem here lies in that they are trying to play this as if it was an election, and Bolton has to be what the people want. The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter if 98% of America hate him and thinks he has horns coming out of his head. The position is an appointment privilege of the President.
  • An up or down vote is the least he deserves, and if the Senate cannot find a way to get there, then he can do a recess appointment. This appointment holds UNTIL the Senate votes.
  • If those fighting the nomination are so sure of him being unsuitable for the job, then they should plead their case, and move to a vote.

Truth is, they have become the part of appeasement, and do not want someone confrontational representing the United States.