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Wednesday, August 24, 2005 

UK Details Criteria for Deportation of extremists.

What will get you kicked out of the UK (concerning radical Islam)?

“those who foment, justify or glorify terrorist violence; seek to provoke terrorist acts or crimes; or promote hatred between communities. He said the action was taken to meet a "real and significant threat" of terrorism.”

Secretary Charles Clark announced today the criteria for deporting extremists from his country. "Individuals who seek to create fear, distrust and division in order to stir up terrorist activity will not be tolerated by the government or by our communities," Clark said reinforcing the British government’s position.

Amnesty International is condemning the new measures, saying “the vagueness and breadth of the definition of 'unacceptable behavior' and 'terrorism' can lead to further injustice and risk further undermining human rights protection in the U.K." Amnesty International is worried that deported individuals will be subject to torture and imprisonment in their home countries.

So, Amnesty International thinks the UK should risk its own well being because another country might torture these people? I think they are barking up the wrong tree here. They need to protest those countries that will torture them, not the UK.

And as a side note, criteria in the US for deporting radical extremists: You have blow something up or kill someone, because anything else is “Free Speech.”

(AP) Full Article can be found by clicking title.