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Friday, September 23, 2005 

China Pollution Makes Cancer Villages (Where Are You Green Peace?)

BEIJING (Reuters) - The residents of Huangmenying village are poor, even by Chinese standards, but more and more are opting to splash out for bottled water rather than drink from local wells. Well water, they say, gives you cancer. Their fears are backed by the unusually large number of cancer cases in this village of fewer than 2,500 in central Henan province. The village gets most of its water from a fetid tributary of the Huai River, probably the most polluted stretch of water in China.

Three operations to control the cancer have left Kong unable to pass solid waste, with a ropy scar snaking up her abdomen. She can feel tumors still growing in her belly, but has no more money for treatment.

"I have spent 70,000 yuan on three operations and I can't borrow any more," Kong said.

"My husband said we could sell our older son to another couple looking to adopt to raise the money, but I refused. I would rather die than sell my son."

Are these the “benefits” China speaks of when defending its governmental system? (see China Says Socialism Better)

Local activist Huo Daishan says 118 people have died of cancer in Huangmenying since 1990.

Why is the “activist” community not doing something to make a change where it can do the most immediate good and quit attacking everyone driving an SUV?