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Thursday, September 22, 2005 

EU Backs Out of Tough Talk on Iran Nukes (Leaves US Holding the Bag)

VIENNA (Reuters) - The European Union's three main powers dropped a demand on Thursday that the U.N. nuclear watchdog immediately report Iran to the Security Council over its atomic plans, following opposition from Russia and China.[…] The new draft, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters, omitted any explicit threat that Iran would be referred to the Security Council but implied that the IAEA board could choose to refer the matter to the Council in the future.

So China and Russia convinced Germany, France, and the UK to leave us hanging… outstanding. We backed and supported THEIR draft, and now they leave us holding the bag.

Tehran’s response: “Our firm stance, China and Russia's backing and also a lack of legal basis caused the EU's withdrawal”

Super. Way to stand together team. Things like this make all the talk about “world consent”, “world opinion”, and “UN sanctioned” legitimacy seem just a little transparent. If you can’t stand for something… You will fall for anything. Look out EU, your falling right now. (Also see: Iran Openly Threatens US)