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Thursday, September 22, 2005 

Is Bush really from Galveston?

Or the entire Disaster Relief bureaucracy in Washington for that matter? A couple that plan to ride out Hurricane Rita make you wonder. Jennifer McDonald and her husband Dominic, lifetime Galveston residents, are defying the Mayor’s mandatory evacuation order.

"Galvestonians are a different type of Texan," she said. McDonald said she and her husband have enough food and water to last 10 days and plan to hack through their rented home's floors to make the wooden house more stable if there is intense flooding. If all else fails, the couple will take to the roof. "If it goes, it goes," the 42-year-old nurse said. "We're completely prepared."

In a obviously rare moment of clarity: She added that if the storm does hit, they and others who stay will be forever labeled "damn fools."

Then back to her reality, she quoted her husband: "He said if he's going down, he's going to have a beer and a shot," McDonald joked.

Maybe it’s people from Texas (more specifically, Galveston) that like to deny reality?