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Friday, September 23, 2005 

Friday Question: Will Left Blogs Kill the Democratic Party?

My premise, if you will, behind this statement is that the left leaning bloggers are, for the most part, in the extreme/far left.

Their views, in general, do not reflect those of the American majority. However, they are the political base of the Democratic Party, and have the loudest voice of all politically active members of the Dem Party.

By forcing candidates to move more left of center (to get their votes), are they forcing the candidates to become unelectable in the mainstream American's eye? By forcing candidates to take the more extreme view the bloggers hold, are they ensuring that, in an election against a sweeter sounding "moderate", their candidate is going either loose the election, or loose their base (in which case, loosing the election as well).

As a quick example, I will use the Iraq War. Left Bloggers are now demanding accountability from Democrats on their yes/no vote concerning the Iraq war. This means that Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden, all considered “leaders” of their party have come under scrutiny for initially (and some continuing) support for the war.

While protests have been organized, and members like Cindy Sheehan have gotten a great deal of media exposure, there is nothing to indicate (aside from polls) that there is groundswell support against the war. There has actually been “pro Bush” protests, showing that unlike the Vietnam era protests, the Iraq war protests do not hold the opinion of a majority in America.

So again, the question: Will Left bloggers kill the Democratic party?