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Wednesday, November 23, 2005 

ACLU, Defender of Freedoms (Lefty Freedoms That Is)

DENVER (AP) -- The American Civil Liberties Union on Monday sued volunteers for an event with President Bush, saying they violated the civil rights of two people who were tossed out because of their political views.

Leslie Weise, 40, and Alex Young, 26, were escorted from the March 21 event after they arrived in a car with a bumper sticker reading "No more blood for oil," and wearing T-shirts saying "Stop the lies" under other clothes, the federal lawsuit said.

Thank your Lefty stars for the ACLU, otherwise Bush hating liberals would never be allowed into pro-Bush/pro-Right rallies… seriously. Oh, and by the way, where was the ACLU for THIS WOMAN Earlier this month?