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Thursday, November 03, 2005 

Democrats Step Up Attacks (History Repeats Itself?)

(Washington Times) Democrats yesterday escalated their fiery attacks on President Bush's rationale for going to war by tying his decision to the indictment of a top administration aide in an aggressive political strategy that has energized the party's anti-war activist base.

Reid’s closed door session; Dean called on the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney to "answer questions about their roles in manipulating intelligence information to build support for the war, smearing opponents of the war and covering up that smear campaign."

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and Mr. Reid also sent Mr. Bush a letter asking him to apologize for the actions by Mr. Cheney's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby and any other officials who may have been involved in the CIA leak investigation.

As all of this begins to boil over, I will remind you of the only successful Democrat to win a national office in the last 30 years. He can, be credited with initiating or signing into law significant domestic legislation, including the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Brady Bill, the Minimum Wage Increase Act, and the Taxpayer Relief Act.

The difference between today’s Democrats and this one was that this one allowed the other side to resort to scare tactics, doom and gloom, and “the sky is falling” banter, while he maintained a positive, invigorating, and inspiring image. His campaign was filled with promises of new hope, new ideas, new proposals, and promises of programs that would help this nation grow as one.

While his opponents said he was a dope smoking draft dodger, he responded by promising to give families the ability to take leave for medical issues of other family members. When they accused him of shady business deals, he against responded with promises to fix the “stupid” economy.

Note today, one side is using every tactic in the book to try and demonize their opponents, while the other side is offering initiatives and ideas.

Democrats would be wise to remember their history, lest they repeat it.