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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

French Fire Spreading

(Breitbart) Violence in France fell sharply overnight, the police chief said Thursday, one day after the government toughened its stance by imposing emergency measures and ordering deportations of foreigners involved in riots that have raged for two weeks.

(AP) Eight French police officers have been suspended for their suspected role in the beating of a young man in a Paris suburb, a national police spokeswoman said Thursday.

(BBC) Interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered the expulsion of all foreigners convicted of taking part in the riots that have swept France for 13 nights.
He told parliament 120 foreigners had been found guilty of involvement and would be deported without delay.

My questions to any that doubt the underlying motives of this insurrection is why, if it was about cultural acceptance, and economic oppression, does France feel the need to deport immigrants that took part? And why did Chirac’s and others statements about working to achieve a better understanding have no impact, but enacting emergency powers did? And why, if it is about French oppression, is it spreading to Belgium?

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Youths set fire to 15 vehicles across Belgium in a fourth night of attacks that authorities said looked like imitations of violence in France, leading to the far right to call for expulsion of the perpetrators.

Later on, it tells of how there is a high population of Moroccan men in Belgium. Now, an eye witness account from our own blogesphere. A blogger, who will remain annonamous for now has provided me with this reply to Kamal Nawash from Free Muslims Against Terrorism:

Mr. Nawash:
Try explaining this to my daughter who lives over in Belgium, where her friend's car has been burned by rioting Moroccans. I have tried. She now lives in fear. I had to call her to explain:
1. What an intifada is, and how Muslim clerics issue these edicts to Muslims.
2. Why her Moroccan girlfriend is no longer speaking to her.
3. How this is the beginnings of a mass organized plot to send Europe plunging into chaos.
4. How Holland is a ticking time bomb; the white Dutch will not tolerate such riots by Muslims. Expecting mass casualties; one would be foolish not to expect
more violence.
In summary, I believe that the European riots are organized by Muslim clerics. I do not believe the apologetic, nonsensical media downplay whatsoever, citing that this is "disenfranchised youth" or "angry immigrants" and I also do not believe that the French Muslims have been mistreated in any way. They came to Europe to escape the cruel and inhuman theocracies they lived under in Islamic countries; Europe is being mass populated by Muslims so that they can take over Europe. It's all part of the great plan. Excellent timing. While Europe is being overned by kow-towing leaders and apologists of Islam, Muslims will walk into Europe and
the Infidels will aid them.Yet another "great experiment" where multiculturalism fails. France, and the rest of Europe, will live and learn by their mistakes. Muslims cannot and will not assimilate into western culture because they are so intolerant of anything other than their religion.