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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

CIA Secret Flights Proved? (The Coin Flips?)

PARIS, France (AP) -- An investigator looking into claims of secret CIA prisons in Europe said Tuesday that people were apparently abducted and transferred between countries.

"Legal proceedings in progress in certain countries seemed to indicate that individuals had been abducted and transferred to other countries without respect for any legal standards," Swiss senator Dick Marty said in a written report to a Council of Europe committee in Paris.

He added that "information gathered to date reinforced the credibility of the allegations concerning the transfer and temporary detention of individuals, without any judicial involvement, in European countries."

He also said that the United States has never formally denied such allegations.

When you combine this with the recent UK statement (See: Sometimes It’s…), perhaps the UK is trying to absolve themselves (officially) before the real fire storm hits? One thing of note that a commenter (_H_ from Terrorism News) pointed out:

The process by which this is being done is the "detainees" , "rendered prisoners" were provided with US Diplomatic Passports starting series No 600 - , so notionally they were agents of the US State. These un-uniformed people often had no documentation - so the CIA simply provided them with some along the lines of the Nansen certificates of the Displaced peoples (DP's) in Europe during and after WWII.

Now, as he pointedly notes: It is amazing that you can become an American citizen quicker if you are a suspected terrorist in a foreign country, than if you are a Mexican migrant worker.