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Friday, December 09, 2005 

TGIF, And My Very Own Open Thread (Don't Get Used To It)


Alright, I’ve read the news today, and it seems the only things to talk about are whether or not the guy in Florida who was shot actually said “bomb”, the snow and ice hitting the north, board GOP activists new campaigns against Dean, higher fuel costs, and of course… the bird flu.

As cold, shallow, self absorbed (or what ever you want to call it) this may be, I really just don’t care to discuss any of this at length today. It’s Friday! So, instead, I will try something new. I will leave this as an “Open Thread” for any and all that want to comment.

At approximately 2/3 o’clock CST, I will take the most interesting, or most popular comment suggestions, and make a post out of it to carry over the weekend. If you are a left wing liberal kook, now’s your chance to get me talking about the evil Bush regime. If you are a right wingnut conspiracy theorist, here we can talk about the Communist creep over America. If you are like me, we can talk about Auburn signing a huge deal with UnderArmor that will ensure huge national publicity. If you dont comment, then I will just pick something stupid that I choose.

Whatever, it’s up to you, the reader today.