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Friday, December 02, 2005 

Regular Girl Next Door Became Suicide Bomber (How? Ask Islam)

(Independent Online) Murielle Degauque was, by all accounts, a normal child. A typical girl next door, you might say. True, as a teenager growing up in southern Belgium, she dabbled in drugs and preferred boys to books. But there was nothing to indicate that she would become the first Western woman to launch a suicide bomb attack in the name of jihad when she blew herself up in Iraq last month.

Well, nothing to indicate it except this:

But Murielle Degauque's life began to take a more sinister turn when the former bakery assistant met a Belgian of Moroccan extraction, Issam Goris, who took her to Morocco and helped her convert to Islam.

If Islam is a religion of Peace, and not all Muslims are terrorists, why can we not do something about this problem as all terrorists seem to be Muslim? Why are the US and UK fighting global terrorism, taking heat from all sides, being decried by their own citizens, but no one is pointing the finger at the primary responsibility holder?

Islam should be policing it’s own ranks here. Islam, if it is what they try to purport, should be snuffing out these extremist factions using the name of their religion to commit horrid acts of murder world wide. There are many more non-terrorist Muslims than radicalized fanatics… why do the murderers have control?