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Thursday, December 01, 2005 

Studies Show Ancient SUV’s Caused Global Warming Too

I just got done reading an article (Alarm…) on the Guardian’s site, once again trying to impress upon us the doomsday message of global warming. In it, it told us how Europe is going to have colder winters and summers now because of global warming (????)

Yes, I know I know. The warming is causing ice to melt in Russia and the artic, thus de-salting the water, and making current currents (haha, word play!) harder to continue. And of course, this is all “Worse now that ever before!”

But, towards the end, we get some information that really lets us in on the facts of the “research”:

Uncertainties in climate change models mean that the overall impact on Britain of a slowing down in the current are hard to pin down. […] The final impact of any cooling effect will depend on whether it outweighs the global warming that, paradoxically, is driving it.

I submit this part first to suggest to everyone (my personal philosophy), that nature does this stuff on it’s own, and figures itself out. God made the Earth to last awhile, not to be killed off by 20 years of car exhaust.

Next the real crux of the “Global Warming” debate:

Although climate records suggest that the current has ground to a halt in the distant past, the prospect of it shutting down entirely within the century are extremely low, according to climate modelers.

Hold up, you mean this stuff has happened before?!!? Well, did ancient man have SUV’s and industrial plants then? Did those crazy cavemen also not sign the Kyoto? How about we all accept this for what it is… a bunch of scientists, giving out doomsday predictions, to ensure their funding continues, all the while never being able to tell us any more fact than “We don’t know for sure”.