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Friday, December 02, 2005 

Fox v/s CNN, Right v/s Left, Upbeat v/s Gloomy

Fox v/s CNN, Right v/s Left, Upbeat v/s Gloomy

Just for Friday’s sake, I am going to post this comparison. I know many on the left think Fox News is nothing but a mouth piece for the Bush Administration, and I know many on the Right think that CNN really stands for Communist News Network. However, something that I think gets lost in the tussle is the actual tempo or mood pervayed by the news channels. While I could go into great length with various different sections, I choose today’s business/money section since the contrast is so dramatic.

Fox News headline: Payrolls Grow by 215,000 in November

CNN headline: Paper: Ford may close five plants

While one highlights success of economy, and the other highlights the failure, it also gives us a preview into the mindset of the two reporting agencies, and perhaps the two sides of politics.

Are people on the Left overly pessimistic, and thus addicted to depression? On the flip side, are people on the Right overly optimistic, to the point where they delude themselves? What are you views on the difference in headlines, and the difference in outlook?

Just to be sure no one confuses the issue, yes, both news outlets are pretty partisan as well. Example given here will be their headlines from the Politics section:
Fox News: Iraq Positions Puts Sen. Clinton in Tough Spot
CNN: Poll: Most Doubt Bush Has Plan For Iraq Victory