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Monday, December 05, 2005 

Iran Closer Than Everyone Thought (Even Me!)

(Jerusalem Post) IAEA chairman Muhammad ElBaradei on Monday confirmed Israel's assessment that Iran is only a few months away from creating an atomic bomb.

If Teheran indeed resumed its uranium enrichment in other plants, as threatened, it will take it only "a few months" to produce a nuclear bomb, El-Baradei told The Independent.

On the other hand, he warned, any attempt to resolve the crisis by non-diplomatic means would "open a Pandora's box. There would be efforts to isolate Iran; Iran would retaliate; and at the end of the day you have to go back to the negotiating table to find the solution."

Or, if you are Israel, you decide not to put your fate in the hands of a traditionally unfriendly world community, and take action now. We here in the US have the benefit of being able to talk about this from an academic perspective, since we are not in the immediate strike sphere of Iran (at least until they get ICBM from Russia next).

First they said Iran was at least 10 years away, no need to worry. Then they said Iran couldn’t enrich the Uranium enough, no need to worry. Then they said that it was just rhetoric, no need to worry. Now they say Iran is only months away from a nuclear bomb, and again, no need to worry?

When Tehran turns Jerusalem and/or Tel Aviv into a glass parking lot, will they say “it was only Israel, no need to worry”?