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Friday, December 09, 2005 

Friday Summary

After close examination of your comments, we have the following (Note your comments in bold):

Tookie Willimas trial (HA!) A former LA Crips gang leader, convicted of a series of murder robberies who has been nominated five times for the Nobel Peace Prize and four times for the Nobel Prize for Literature for his series of children’s books, is currently being pushed on to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for “clemency” by the NAACP and a slew of other organizations. I guess first: what does this say about the “Nobel Peace Prize”? And exactly what about writing children’s books, and publishing them (on the California tax payer’s dollar) qualifies you to be absolved from your previous crimes?

Michael Irving crack pipe scandal (HA! HA!)
But, he said it was his friend’s, whom he had just picked up from prison?!

AU finally getting university accreditation.....again?
Or BAMA failing the APR used by the NCAA to measure if a school will be punished for failing to graduate student-athletes?

Pete Carrol back to the NFL after another BCS championship? Where does Matt Leinart go?
You mean USC isn’t a pro team?

Why only 3 invitees to the Heisman Award this year (why bother with anyone not named Reggie Bush?)
You need two others to give him a handshake and to look dejected, but still glad they had a good season.

Does Indy go 16-0? Do they keep Peyton in all day on Sunday against Jax?
Yes and Yes. Payton wont stop until his arm or leg (or both) fall off.

Will Delta pilots kill the airline like Eastern?
Strikes are cool and fun, especially around the holidays. Just remember, if you can’t get what you want, take your ball and go home. They will call you back when they realize what a big mistake they made… idiots.

If a tree falls in the forest.....
If a bird can fly, why can’t a fly bird?

Well you have the stunning agreement today in Montréal on the next stage of targets for the Kyoto treaty:”
It’s a good thing Mr. Clinton is not in a position where he has to make executive decisions any more, lest he not be able to sit in the cheep seats and make asinine comments. I wonder how he will change his stance if his wife becomes President. No one, regardless of party, will voluntarily enter us into Kyoto as it will sink our economy. And I promise, no President wants the legacy of “the one that killed the American Dream, but saved some trees.”

"The US is said to suspect it is being lured into making commitments and to be angry with Canada's tone towards it"
Notice this quote though: “Japanese Environment Minister Yuriko Koike called on developing countries like India and China, which are exempt from Kyoto, to join in the fight against global warming.”

Why are China and India “exempt” but the US is the enemy? Japan has crop failure directly due to the huge smog clouds from China… but we are the bad guys?

"did the guy say bomb" bit , in the UK this is being viewed as of little importance , he had bi-polar , that is similar to schizophrenia in many ways , he would have had voices in his head
Same thing here, but watch and see the ACLU come up and sue (on behalf of the grieving wife of they psycho) the government for unlawful shooting of a nut-ball on an airplane.

Hamas is to end its truce with Israel
Khaled Meshaal:
I say to our brothers in the [Palestinian] Authority that we are witnessing political stagnation, I say it loudly, we will not enter a new truce and our people are preparing for a new round of conflict."

I Read this as: We are loosing money and recruits, and the stabilization of Palestine under the PLA has severely threatened our power base. Aside from that, our sugar daddies in Iran have said they would cut our funding if we didn’t start killing Jews again…. “brothers”.

Last but not least: Dems Try to Take Credit For Iraq Success.

So, I am checking things out on a lefty site that I visit, and here we go again. First, the left has shifted all of it’s rhetoric about “Where are the WMD”, and “Where is Osama” into “pull the troops out now!”

But hark, there is a new calling! They are suddenly full of pride in their plan and suggestions that the troops should be pulled out in planned stages, starting in 2006 after the elections. Sen. Murtha even gave us a number of the first pull out, saying “20,000” troops should be pulled out after the elections.

Wait a minute; that is pretty close to the number that has already been planned by the Administration, and the time tables falls in nicely with the elections that are being used as a benchmark by the Administration. And to make it even more blatant, the left is going on the attack saying that the Administration actually stole it from the Democrats!

And that wraps it up. Since very few of you actually gave me any comments… We can try it again next Friday, see if I get some more ideas. Thanks for reading… see you guys on Monday.