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Thursday, December 15, 2005 

Iraq Elections, Bush Speechs, Non-Issues To This Site

There are some readers here that have asked me about why I didn’t do a post on the Iraqi vote, the huge turn out, and the historic and pivotal ramifications this will have. There are others that have asked why I didn’t post on President Bush’s final speech that concluded a quest to re-invigorate the American public’s support for the war in Iraq.

First, I’ll give you links so you can read about them:

Iraq War

Bush Speech

I guess if you really want my two cents on it, fine: The elections are a watershed moment of sorts because of the historic and symbolic significance they hold. However, they wont do anything this month, or the next month to change Iraq right now. Either you think we should get out now, or we should see this through. The line in the sand has been drawn already, and these elections don’t change that.

Bush’s speech is a welcome relief to conservatives and Bush supporters. It is another source from which to cut and paste parts of for snide remarks to liberals and Bush detractors. For the rest of us, it is more lip service, explaining the obvious. It will energize his base, and anger his opposition, but it too will change nothing in the immediate future.

So, on to why I didn’t post about either one. First reasoning being that any number of sites are going to flood the blogsphere with this stuff. I hope and/or assume you would come here for something different. Second, as stated above, I really don’t see these things as something significant enough to make long extended posts about that you will probably not read, but still throw in a partisan comment about.

I might be wrong on this, but I just didn’t want to jump into “cliché” land with another post on dead horse subjects.