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Wednesday, December 14, 2005 

Media Reports On Its Own Bad Job? (Quote of the Day)

Quote of the Day:

Anderson Cooper, CNN:

Every soldier I talked to today said the media hasn't done a good job of telling the full story from Iraq. It's a complaint I've heard before, and certainly understand. I do think television tends to focus on the bombs and the bullets, the most dramatic headlines. So much of what happens here never makes the nightly news.

Well no crap Anderson. Thanks for the Captain Obvious imitation. For any of you that would like to see where Mr. Cooper gets this “inspiration” for going with the troops on patrols from, please visit Michael Yon’s site. It is the grittiest and most true to life account of what being a US service member in Iraq is all about.

Sorry, I’m still shaking my head that Anderson reports this like it is something new, or that CNN isn’t a part of it.