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Thursday, January 05, 2006 

Interesting Times In Jerusalem (Tick Tick Tick)

(AP) Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was in serious condition Thursday following seven hours of emergency surgery to stop widespread bleeding in his brain caused by a life-threatening stroke, doctors said. Vice Premier Ehud Olmert was named acting prime minister and convened the Cabinet for a special session. Close Sharon associates said they did not expect the 77-year-old prime minister to return to office.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas contacted Israeli officials Thursday to express concern over Sharon's deteriorating health, an Abbas aide said. Ahmed Jibril, a radical Palestinian leader in Damascus, Syria, called the stroke a gift from God. (Isn't this special)

Speaking to reporters outside the hospital, Sharon aide Raanan Gissin warned Israel's enemies: "To anyone who entertains any notion to try and exploit this situation ... the security forces and IDF (Israeli military) are ready for any kind of challenge," he said.

We have Israel’s Likud party voting for preemptive strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

We have Iran’s president calling for Israel to be wiped off the map.

We have intelligence reports from Europe’s least aggressive nations detailing Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

We have Chinese companies funding and supplying Iran with missiles and chemical weapons related supplies.

And We’ve had Iran’s president purging his political rivals.

This thing seems like a ticking time bomb to me.