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Monday, January 09, 2006 

Iran President Wants New History Without Holocaust

Tehran, 5 Jan. (AKI) - Iran has decided to rewrite and revise the history of the Holocaust. Following the repeated declarations by the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and other senior government officials on the need to re-examine the history of the genocide of the Jews during the Second World War, the association of Islamic Journalists of Iran has been tasked with quickly putting together an international conference on the Holocaust.

Among the names of possible guests at the conference are the Israeli journalist lsrael Shamir, a convert to Christianity, and Horst Mahler from Germany, a former member of the terrorist group, the Red Army Faction. Other revisionist scholars, such as the French Robert Faurisson and the American Arthur Butz, are also some of the other possible participants of the conference in Tehran.

This is almost out of a bad action movie. They are going to get a former Red Army Faction member, Self described “apolitical atheist”, the black sheep professor of Northwestern University, and of course, Ahmadinejad himself sitting around a table trying to find a way to rewrite history to better reflect their anti-Semitic views, and to meet the political needs of those like Iran.

The middle two (Faurisson and Butz) are both big fans of Paul Rassinier, the French communist whom in 1948 made two arguments in “Crossing the Line”

(1) There is a natural human tendency to on the part of victims to exaggerate what has happened to them and

(2) the "atrocities" that did occur were not the fault of the Nazis but of the victims themselves -- particularly the inmate guards whom the SS placed in charge of the camps.

Maybe they can get some “sharks with lasers” too?