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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 

Celebrating July 4th the Old Fashion Way: Flag Burning!

Happy Wednesday everyone. I hope you're 4th was a good time! I know mine was, but now we go back to reality. I celebrated mine with a couple of cook-outs and some fireworks. I answered my kid's questions about why we shoot off bottle rockets and such, and in general, remembered that I live in the best nation in the world.


Not everyone saw that as the proper way to commemorate the nation's Independence.

(Santa Cruz Sentinel) About 25 revelers celebrated their freedom of speech and welcomed the Fourth of July on Monday night with the "2nd Annual Old Time American Flag Burn."

While I agree that you should be able to burn the flag, due to the first Amendment, it doesnt mean I'm going to support you actually doing it. Now you have to ask yourself, why would they choose this action as a "celebration" of this nation?

"It seemed like a good idea to burn some flags just because we can," added fellow organizer Sha Lar, 32, of Santa Cruz.

You know, you could jump off a bridge too? Are you going to do that "just because you can"?. Give me a break. Old hippie-wannabes that missed Woodstock and are trying to recapture the "brave dissenter" mythos from a generation long gone don't inspire anyone. In fact, you're only enforcing that you're nothing more than a spectacle to the younger generation:

"I think they should keep it to themselves," said Bill Crawford, 16, of Aptos, who was on the beach with buddies Elijah Manchester and Jacob Kendall, both 16 and from Santa Cruz.

Way to go there guys! I think my favorite part about this whole story is this line right here:

Around a burn barrel at Seabright State Beach, organizer Brent Adams, 41, of Santa Cruz, declared flag burning not a protest, but a celebration of the Constitution's First Amendment.
I'll use a saying that someone very important to me once said:
"Dont pee on me and then tell me it's raining".

This is just a bunch of morons screaming for attention. Maybe they should get some therapy to find the cause of that instead of "celebrating" in such an outspoken way.