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Wednesday, August 24, 2005 

AP Reports Heating Oil Price Up, But AP Reports Heating Oil Price Is Down?

More Media Doom and Gloom

In two stories today, the AP finds a way to prove itself, well, just foolish.

One story tells us “Some rare good news on oil pushed stocks higher Wednesday after the government reported increasing stockpiles of heating oil and other distillate fuels.” (AP)

While in another story “The run-up in crude oil prices already has sent gasoline prices to record levels nationwide and will likely lead to a spike in home heating costs. […] A recent report from the U.S. Department of Energy indicates that home heating fuel prices could rise as much as 21 percent this winter.” (AP)

Now which one should I believe? The one that says the stock market took notice of an unexpected surpluse in the nations heating oil reserve. Or the story that tells me about Cindy Workman from Omaha getting all the wood she can from a cleared plot of land, for her cast iron stove because “[she] dreads seeing what the heating bills are going to be”

Maybe the AP can let me know which of these stories to believe. We’ll know soon when the mainstream media picks out the version of reality they would like us to swallow.