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Monday, August 29, 2005 

Clinton/McCain in 2008?

One Clinton jets to Alaska and Iraq with Republicans, and enthusiastically sponsors legislation with GOP lawmakers who impeached her husband. The other plays golf with former President Bush and accepts assignments from the current one. (AP)

As crazy as it sounds, maybe Hillary knows that Dems are not going to take back the White House unless they move back to the center. Maybe she realizes that moving further left, and demonizing the right will not win any more votes than Kerry got, which were not enough. Maybe a small number Washington Democrats (and Republicans) realize that working together is the only way we can move America in a positive direction.

Mr. McCain and Mrs. Clinton are both getting “traitor” calls from the hardliners in their respective parties. This might be because neither of them consistently tows the party line, thus is a danger to the special interest groups that currently run American politics.

While the AP and other "Mainstream" press outlets rabidly try to find Hillary’s new found motivation for unity (they assume Presidential posturing), they seem to ignore that she and John McCain are increasingly working as a team on legislation and policy statement. Would America embrace the thought of a two party administration unifying the country after the past 6 years of bitter partisan conflict?