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Friday, August 26, 2005 

"Show Me The Money!" Cindy Sheehan

The Crawford Peace House, established as a headquarters for protestors to Bush in 2003, was about out business. They had $3 in the bank, the phone was cut off, and the mortgage was due…

Then came Cindy Sheehan. More than $150,000 in donations have poured in to the Peace House since, which has become Sheehan's headquarters. Now they are about to pay off the mortgage, and now the phone is turned back on, and ringing off the hook with people wanting to know where to send money.

But this whole thing is about Bush and the war, not the money…
Story from AP

Another local station (ABC7News) has tracked the money. The financing goes deep and long, as well as the PR staff and schedualed "grief" moments for the TV cameras. This excerpt is pulled from the article. Worth reading for some insight into what is going on.

"Karen Meredith, Gold Star mother: "Sometimes things don't feel quite right to me. They don't feel wrong, but maybe that's how they do it in the marketing business."
ABC7's Mark Matthews: "You feel you're part of a marketing business?"
Karen Meredith: "Possibly. Yeah I think so."

Dont Worry Karen, thats just your conscience and pride messing with you. Keep on spreading TRUTH!