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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 

Dems Still Campaigning Against Bush

Misguided Democrats are still trying to beat Bush. Even though he cant run for another term in office, even though he cant win another election, even though they will have to win against a completely different Republican; Democrats campaigning for local elections are still running ads against President Bush.

“Fox 5 pulled out of the deal after it saw the 30-second ad, which features Bush's head superimposed onto a bare torso as the voiceover intones, "He claims he's a uniter, but New Yorkers know the emperor has no clothes." (AP)

The story by the AP is intended to show everyone how biased Fox is, as a network, in favor of the President. This being no big surprise to me, I see a different point. Why are Democrats still campaigning against the current President, who cannot run for another term in office? Why do they think that attacking the current President will inspire anyone to vote for them over someone else? At this point, having a “D” next to your name is enough to assume you disagree with at least 90% of the President’s policies.

We are still faced with two parties, but only one choice. You can either vote for the Republican's new plans and initiatives, or you can cast your lot in with all those saying “That’s a bad idea!”

The DNC website should post a job listing on its home page that reads: “Help Wanted, New Ideas Position. Competitive pay and plenty of upward potential. Must be willing to work lots of overtime. Please, someone help us.”