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Wednesday, August 31, 2005 

EPA Suspends Regulations! It May Have Saved Us From Crisis

ā€œEmergency fuel waiver for affected states Aug 30 - To help meet emergency demand in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, EPA will temporarily allow refiners, importers, distributors, carriers and retail outlets to supply gasoline and diesel fuels that do not meet standards for emissions. This waiver is effective immediately and will continue through Sept. 15, 2005.ā€ (EPA)

This was just expanded to all other 46 states and territories of the Union as of 2pm EST 08/31/05. Finally, someone has seen the light. We may very well have just taken the steps necessary to avoid a gasoline crisis.

Iā€™m sure the environmentalist movement will fight this tooth and nail, but I remind any that read this and digest the significant impact of this action; whose regulations put us in this position to begin with? Who put us into a situation where the EPA had to suspend rules to keep our nation afloat? That is when you may begin to wake up to the illogical agenda of the environmental movement.