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Friday, September 09, 2005 

Gore Stepped Up Where Washington Hid in the Shadows

Well, I've bitched and bitched and whined about no one from the Washington scene stepping up to the plate and acting the "leader" part. Bush failed in the duty of leading the nation, symbolically or otherwise.

However, Al Gore has done what no one else in Washington seemed able to muster up: "[He] helped airlift some 270 Katrina evacuees on two private charters from New Orleans [...] Gore's personal physician and accompanied him on the flights, said: 'Gore told me he wanted to do this because like all of us he wanted to seize the opportunity to do what one guy can do, given the assets that he has". And he did it on his own dime.

I have to hand it to him. I didnt vote for Mr. Roboto, but things like this would make a fella reconcider some previously held judgments about him.

Good Show Al.

Big time Hat Tip to Dionysus over at Daily Dissent for this one, because like a real leader, Gore didnt want publicity for this, he just wanted to do it.