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Thursday, September 08, 2005 

Left Says No to Roberts… Because He Has No Failures?

Yet again, all that is wrong with the extreme left is put on display. Richard Cohen, an Op-Ed writer for the Washington Post put out an article today about Judge Roberts. The premise of his piece is that John Roberts is Too Perfect.

He insists that because John Roberts has rarely, if ever failed at any of his goals, he cannot relate to the values of the American public. He contends that because Roberts is such a wondrous success in his life, he lacks the “life experience” necessary to see the “margins of society.”

On the surface, this sounds like a very logical and deep thought process, but the rub comes from the philosophy that we, as Americans, can only be represented by a failure. In fact, this columnist goes as far as to say “I sometimes think the best thing that ever happened to me was, at the time, the worst”.

America itself is addicted to negativity. We yearn for it on our TV, we strive for it in our newspapers, and now we “Google” search for it on the internet. And now, we have op-ed pieces complaining because Roberts hasn’t had enough negativity in his life?

Richard Cohen is criticizing John Roberts because the Judge didn’t fail as much as he did in life? What warped world do we live in where that is even considered a valid, if sane opinion?