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Thursday, September 08, 2005 

MoveOn.org... Ensuring We Don't Miss Political Opportunity!

Just to make sure that no one blurs a true American or Human tragedy with an immense political opportunity, Movon.org is funding a Katrina refugee evacuation of their own. They are moving of the victims up to Washington to rally outside the white house and “demand accountability”, “request a meeting” to find out why budgets, involving the levee system in New Orleans were cut.

The first thing we have to look at: Cindy Sheehan wasn’t enough? We need to exploit desperate people who’ve lost everything as well?

This is the most sickening thing I’ve seen yet. But wait folks, it will get worse. They will pump the message that the President single handedly caused the abysmal relief/evacuation efforts.

What I would like these organizations pumping this message to answer me is where were all the intermediate levels of leadership and organization in this insanely over bloated bureaucracy we call government? The President, in no way shape or form, is supposed to be the one directly coordinating relief efforts. In fact, federal agencies are not even supposed to intervene until directly asked by local officials.

For all of you very vocal lefties out there, this type of action is WHY you are loosing elections, and loosing America. When Hillary starts to distance herself from these organizations, you will cry foul, and that she is a sell out. But what you are missing is that this behavior, these types of partisan accusations that do nothing to help anyone, are slowly making America’s stomach turn.