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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 

Yahoo Helps China Keep the Leash On Thier Media

“...information provided by Internet powerhouse Yahoo Inc. helped Chinese authorities convict and jail a journalist who had written an e-mail about press restrictions. [...] criticism from Reporters Without Borders marks the latest instance in which a prominent high-tech company has faced accusations of cooperating with Chinese authorities to gain favor in a country that's expected to become an Internet gold mine.” (AP)

Yahoo sells out a Journalist to impress China? “Say it aint so.” But are any of us surprised that big brother is jumping through flaming hoops to keep the lid on the can of worms called "Free Press"? With emerging capitalism, and an opening society, the iron grip of communism will be very hard to maintain without a tight leash on the press.

China is on the move, and as we hand-wring over Bush being good or bad, they are slowly gaining “market share” in geopolitics. Our own companies are helping them make a communist/socialist friendly press and internet. Soon, they will have the worlds largest and richest population, with a fanatical nationalism, all kept under the hazy deception of state run media. Don’t think that won’t be more than a slight danger to the United State’s interest’s world wide.

This needs to become a national issue quickly. If we don’t stop China’s influence now, we may well be facing a better equipped and financially more secure USSR, and this time, they have the will to take it to nuclear war.