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Thursday, September 08, 2005 

Howard Dean's Talk of Racism Hides the Truth

Racism is lurking in our Federal Government, but not the kind that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton yell about. In fact, this racism is much more insidious, and is assisted by “African-American Rights” groups.

The Federal Government is readying $2,000 debit cards and designer clothing for distribution to the displaced victims or Katrina. This is nothing short of a peace offering with all those refugees that are probably re-assessing their view on the value of large federal government. It is disturbing to me, that at an official level, our nation believes that it can pacify, a largely black group, with brand name cloths and small chunk of money.

Another side to this coin, the racism, so ignored by rights groups and the mainstream media, is served up by our governmental institutions. Howard Dean, talking to the National Baptist Convention of America said "We must ... come to terms with the ugly truth that skin color, age and economics played a deadly role in who survived and who did not”.

What isn’t being said here though is that Louisiana has been represented by Democrats from 1877 until 1980. At that point they have switched back and forth for pretty much every term (and it is currently under a Democratic Administration). New Orleans has been under Democrat leadership at least as far back 1970. Yet there is still an enormous amount of poor and underprivileged black people in that city. The Mayor neglected to order mandatory evacuations and follow the city’s established emergency plan (leaving hundreds of school buses parked in their lots). A black Democratic Mayor was safe and sound, while New Orleans’s citizens were ushered into the Superdome ill-equipped, and ill-prepared.

My question is this: If the Democratic Party, and its role in Federal Government is so ready to stand up for the rights and liberties of minorities, why is there a city that has been run by Dems, in a state run predominately by Dems, suffering with such a huge population of poor black citizens that were not afforded the opportunity of the city (and state’s) documented emergency evacuation plan? If Mr. Dean is correct, then the racism he is trying to use for fear mongering isn’t in people, but in the institution of the government itself. And a “D” or an “R” next the name doesn’t change that.