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Thursday, September 08, 2005 

Right "Spin" and Left "Truth" Leave America Stuck in the Middle

With the way George Bush handled his largely symbolic role in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, combined with his nonchalant and inflexible Iraq strategy, I have begun becoming increasingly disgruntled with not only his administration, but with the course this country was going in general.

However, as if to prove my growing resentment wrong, the extreme left keeps taking new strides in the wrong directions. They increasingly show me that Bush, and Republicans in mass, are the only ones with viable and sane philosophies and/or solutions. They are the only ones that don’t immediate try to blame “the other guy” the instant something bad happens.

I try to see their side of arguments. I can follow them when they criticize the way the war in Iraq is being fought. I can even agree with them when they say Bush should have been either in Louisiana or in Washington, not eating birthday cake during the hardest times of the Katrina crisis.

But then they go off the reservation with wild claims that Bush is responsible, single handedly for the destruction of a unprecedented hurricane. They insist that Iraq is a ploy to gain money for oil tycoons, and that, because they disagree with his politics, he should be impeached. They begin trying to equate the President of the United States, Leader of the Free-World, with terrorists and war criminals.

I expect those comments from America’s enemies. I even expect it from small governments that have an extreme dislike for our sometimes oppressive foreign policy. But I do not expect it from our own citizens.

Political activist groups keep a constant barrage of negativity firing towards the President with little to no regard for how it affects our nation. They don’t care if their own comments, complaints, and publications become the fuel for enemies with intent to kill fellow Americans. They have shown time and time again that there is no extent they will not reach in the goal of winning back Washington.

I have a real problem with this. And while many of those groups will try and persuade me that the current policies of this government are more damaging than the statements they themselves put out, I don’t believe that. Not because I am sold 100% on the policies, but because those policies are not what radical Islamic sites are using to explain their actions. It is quotes from our own citizens and officials acting on selfish political agendas.

And now, hiding under the guise of civic duty, the far left is trying to claim that slow response in New Orleans is because of race. There are, understandably, organizations that need to fuel the “race” debate. Their very well being depends on it. However, leading Democrats pandering to these groups for the political influence it gains them only anger me. I don’t hear or feel any sincerity from the prominent Democrats when they use these tactics, I only see partisan and opportunistic politics.

The phrase “one step forward, two steps back” is what comes to mind watching the modern left. I am literally getting desperate for some sanity, because I’ve had enough of right and left ignoring America to fight it out with eachother.