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Friday, November 04, 2005 

Baghdad or Paris, Muslim Insurgents Attacking France?

AULNAY-SOUS-BOIS, France (Reuters) - Rioters set fire to hundreds of vehicles in an eighth night of unrest in the impoverished suburbs of northeastern Paris as exasperated local officials criticized the response of national leaders.

Rioting erupted again late on Thursday despite hopes that festivities ending the fasting month of Ramadan would calm rioters, many of them Muslims of North African origin protesting against race bias they say keeps them in a second-class status.

But what you are not hearing much about:

(Drudge) French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy said Thursday that the riots in several Paris suburbs over the previous night were "not spontaneous" but rather "well organized."

"What we saw in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis overnight was not spontaneous, it was perfectly organized. We are looking into by whom and how," Sarkozy told French news channel i-tele.

(Breitbart) A week of riots in poor neighborhoods outside Paris gained dangerous new momentum Thursday, with youths shooting at police and firefighters and attacking trains and symbols of the French state.

Now there is an organized insurgency (or freedom fighters as Cindy Sheehan likes to call them) in the streets of France. Europe has been allowing massive immigration of Muslims into their countries for awhile now. Is this indicative of what the rest of Europe can expect?

Why are we so scared to make the coorelation?