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Thursday, November 03, 2005 

Italy Complicit In Forged Intelligence Documents About Iraq/Niger Uranium Connection?

ROME (AP) - Italian lawmakers questioned Premier Silvio Berlusconi's top aide and an intelligence chief Thursday about allegations that Italy knowingly gave the United States and Britain forged documents suggesting Saddam Hussein was seeking uranium in Africa.

La Repubblica, a strong Berlusconi opponent, has alleged that after the Sept. 11 attacks Pollari was being pressured by Berlusconi - a strong U.S. ally - to make a strong contribution to the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Does this mean that the Left is going to hate Italy too? Will it take any of their condemnation off of Bush?

I’d bet not, because Italy cannot win any elections over here. It’s not about principles and truth, it’s about politics and Washington power.