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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

A Liberal With a Clue?

Another “Op-Ed” by me, sorry, guess I’m getting all insightful (or confused) this week. As some of you know, I have that little “Rent My Blog” box on the top of my site. Well, my blog is advertised equally on other sites using a co-op program through (BlogExplosion). Long to short, this week, my blog is on a site called “The Balance of Power”. I decided to visit the site to see exactly what I was being advertised on, and I was very pleasantly surprised.

The site takes an issue, then has a discussion by 3-4 different bloggers. They are from a Liberal, a Conservative, and a Libertarian. The discussions are usually pretty long and involved, and can sometimes come down to a “pick a side” mentality, but almost never degrade into cat fight name calling.

After reading the posting by one of the guest posters, Cranky Liberal, I was left stunned. I had finally found a liberal that was well written, well versed, and had a well stated agenda that showed intellectual honesty and focus, yet maintained well explained criticism (aside from my wife). I will post an excerpt here, with a link to the post I am speaking of. I encourage any of the “Conservative” readers to read with an open mind, and see that not everyone on the Left is a Smurf. Liberal readers, read with an open mind, and realize that your party is not the shining beacon of freedom and equality that it would appear.

We need to replace ideology with ideas. We need to replace partisanship with pragmatism wherever we can. We have to take a step back from the fighting and start looking at the fixing, or so help me God, America is a goner. The parties, BOTH parties, are to often closed source companies whose sole job is self perpetuation. Both sides are to beholden to a mix-mash of string pullers making sure that nothing really gets done the way it should be.

[Conservatives]: you need to realize your party is the one with all the power, and your party has made a royal mess of the situation. I'm going to keep attacking Tom Delay, Bill Frist and George Bush because they are at the heart of why we need Open Source politics - institutionalized cronyism and illogical policies. You can't keep over spending and underfunding. You can't grow the deficit and shrink the revenue forever. You can't keep hiring people with no ability to do the job. You endanger the country. You sabotage the future. Is that fair?

[Liberals]: We are dysfunctional. We are a party that looks at the past more often than to the future. We are caught in a cycle of should-be and once-was instead of what-is and it kills us. Globalization happened. Get over it. Get out of bed with the labor movement. Manufacturing counts for less than 10% of the jobs in this country. […] Ignoring the reality of globilization will not stop it's march, but will hamstring us from being able to compete and prosper in it. And we CAN prosper.

There is much more in the post “Open Source Politics” worth reading, and digesting. I suggest you visit it, and perhaps gain a new perspective on what could be if partisan barriers were removed from the market place of ideas.