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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

November 2008 Presidential Update (Per Templar Pundit)

2008 Round-Up And Rankings (11/9/05)
Since the last one of these articles I wrote on October 26th, the political landscape has shifted a bit. To show the political fortunes of the various candidates I am now using a system of arrows to demonstrate loss of momentum or gains compared to the last article.

2008 Republicans:

1. Mitt Romney- Romney stays on top this month. He is starting to make impressive inroads when it comes to fundraising and appears to be assembling a serious campaign. He seems to be immune to the ups-and-downs other candidates are experiencing.

2. Mike Huckabee- Huckabee advances to #2 this month mostly because of George Allen's woes.

3. Newt Gingrich- Newt is starting to organize an infrastructure and the tell word is he is dead serious about an '08 run.

4. Rudy Giuliani- Rudy is still coasting on name ID, his political career seems to be stalled for the moment.

5. George Allen- Allen plummets to from #2 to #5 this month. The election of Kaine in Virginia confirms fears that Allen doesn't even have much sway in his own state. Backlash against Allen was immediate following yesterday's election and his reputation may be tarnished.

6. Sam Brownback- Brownback's stand against the Bush Administration over the nomination of Hariett Miers proved to be the correct course of action. Brownback's credentials are improving.

7. John McCain- PAC fundraising is stalled due to concern's over McCain's age.

8. Bill Frist- Frist once again took the wrong side on an issue by boosting the Miers nomination.

2008 Democrats:

1. Hillary Clinton- Still the frontrunner, but for how much longer?

2. Russ Feingold- Feingold is making leeway with the Democratic grassroots on the campaign trail.

3. Mark Warner- As Allen's odds of winning the GOP nomination fall, Warner's odds of getting the Dem nomination increases. Expect to hear a lot more about Mark Warner in coming months

(This post is a reproduction, in its entirety, from Anthony Surace at Templar Pundit)