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Tuesday, January 10, 2006 

DOW Hits 11k! (And It Does Mean Economic Growth)


Index Value:11,011.90
Trade Time:Jan 9
Change:Up 52.59 (0.48%)
Prev Close:10,959.31
Day's Range:10,944.43 - 11,020.15
52wk Range:9,961.52 - 11,053.90

That's right everyone, not since 2001 have we seen this high of a DOW number. But watch, Soros and others on the left will try to convince you that this does not indicate real economic growth. They will try to convince you that "executive's" stock prices don't mean the "working class" is doing better.

Just remember that basic economics says that for the stock to be up, the company must be growing, expanding, and making money. When this happens, more people invest in the company. When more people invest, the company has more operating income. Those investors expect a return, so the company has to do something with the money to turn a profit. This usually includes expanding their business capability. That usually means more jobs and higher wages. The higher wages and more jobs usually means more people can afford to invest.

It's one big circle, that when allowed to run largely unfettered, works magnificently.