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Friday, July 07, 2006 

Joe Biden the RACIST!

Seriously, that is what you'll hear the claims today of national talk show hosts that support the GOP. Unfortunately, Mr. Biden has played right into their hands. However, if you actually watch the TAPE HERE, you'll note that Joe is talking to an Indian man, who smiles and agrees with him. You'll note that the Indian man himself doesn't take offense to the statement, and in fact, confirms it.

Now, before anyone that was just laying in wait for the DNC to have another episode: remember how much you hate it when they fain outrage FOR another group (usually because that group could care less) and then take people to court. In other words, if you are sick of the ACLU trying to sue everyone for the injustice of discrimination that the supposed people being discriminated against are not worried about... then don't jump on this wagon and suddenly become outraged FOR the Indian population at the Senator from Delaware.

On a side note:
In a related story about a Delaware school district apparently practicing blatant Antisemitic policies, perhaps there is cause for concern with the values of Mr. Biden? Maybe there is more biggotry in Deleware than we've been privy too? (HT to Betmo at Life's Journey)

Just kidding, just kidding... maybe?