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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 

Sorry For Lack of Posts and Lame Ones At That

I’ve actually been rather busy at work, and I’ve been using my energies commenting on other blogs.

I’ve been wrapped up in theological debates at Life’s Journey where the debate about God’s existence, and then His place in the world has become hot topic.

I think I’ve spared ok, took some punches, gave out some punches, but the fights almost over, and to no one’s surprise, things look like a draw (no one’s changing their minds).

However, I also spent some time at The Future Was Yesterday defending the comments I made over at Life’s Journey. The author at Future was apparently so disgruntled with my debate at Journey, that he felt it necessary to write an entire piece dissecting my comment on the other blog. So, once again, old slugger was called into bat. I’ve not been back since my original reply, so I’m not sure of the score card. I’d be willing to bet that my referees have it as a win in my column, and his home town umps are scoring it a win for him.

Either way, just wanted to let you know where I’ve been. But I also wanted to let you know I will get back to work here, bringing you some more banter about American politics and other things interesting (deemed so by me) for good mind chewing.