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Friday, September 16, 2005 

Iran Wont Build Bombs, They Will Just Show Other Muslims How.

My fellow UN Members, the Islamist Republic of Iran wishes to convey a pinkie promise that it will not make bombs and turn Israel into a glass parking lot. But we are going to show everyone else how to.

(AP) The President of Iran stated officially that they will provide nuclear tech to other Muslims states. He said this after talking with the PM of Turkey during a world leader meeting at the UN. He also renewed his promise that Iran will not develop nuclear weapons though.

On an unrelated note, this announcement was followed hours later by European nations throwing a slew of new economic incentives at Iran hoping to halt their nuclear program.

This just has too many facets to address all at once, but here are a couple that I find most pressing:

A) An Islamic nation is going to give nuclear tech to all other Islamic nations. This screams a global pact. While many of us are hand wringing over Iran going nuclear, they have just told us “you haven’t seen nothing yet” (a nuclear Syria anyone?).

B) How many times are we (US and Europe) going to throw them money and other incentives to try and get them to stop bad behavior? We’ve done it with North Korea, and gotten no where. We’ve been doing it in Iran, and gotten no where. Why do so many “diplomats” and politicians think that the most important thing to these people is money? It’s not… this is all about Power