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Thursday, September 15, 2005 

Rep William Jefferson (D-La) Has National Guard "Rescue" His Personal Belongings.

This is an update to an existing Post:

Well, this guy not only used the National Guard. Apparently he was the ONLY Louisiana Representative to use GROUND transportation. He requested a 5-ton truck to drive to the Superdome, and then make a quick stop by his house. When he got there, he spent over an hour inside, finally emerging with a laptop computer, several bags, and a box (reported to be about the size of a refrigerator).

However, upon trying to leave, the truck became stuck in the mud. Luckily a rescue helicopter came by, and attempted to air life out the Congressman and his National Guard accompaniment.

But the Congressman refused rescue, and instead, insisted another truck be brought out, so that he could still make off with his personal effects. The Congressman insists that he was not intending to go and "rescue" items from his house. Military sources are not as sure:

Here is a video clip of the complete story by ABC. (Hat tip to Political Teen)